Monday, August 26, 2013

Homemade Finger-Pudding Paint

Let your toddler be creative and explore through their senses without worrying about them tasting the pudding. Make your own fingerpaint at home with vanilla pudding and food colouring.

You'll Need
  •       Vanilla pudding

  •       Food colouring
  •       Play clothes
  •       Plastic floor mat

Activity Teaches Your Child

  •        Promotes creativity and exploration

  •        Teaches colours

  •        Builds fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

  •       Promotes learning through the senses including touch, taste, sight, and smell

  •        Prepare the pudding per the directions
  •       When ready, divide the pudding equally into 4 containers (or how ever many colours      you want)    
  •       Add the food colouring and stir!
  •       Put on some play clothes that you don’t care about getting dirty

  •       Use a mess mat (I use a dollar store plastic shower curtain)

  •       Do right before bath time!

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