Monday, April 5, 2010

Couples more likely to break up after pregnancy loss

I just found out that, according to a new University of Michigan Health System study published in the journal Pediatrics today, pregnancy loss increases the chance that a couple will break up and the emotional strain is greatest on unmarried couples. The study also established that parental relationships have a higher risk of dissolving after miscarriage or stillbirth compared to those who have a live birth.

There is no doubt that a pregnancy loss is difficult. Fortunately, I have never suffered a miscarriage and have had pregnancies that went smoothly and ended up with healthy babies. But many women miscarry or lose their babies to stillbirth. How many of them seek help for themselves and their spouse after the loss? I wonder.

Have you suffered a pregnancy loss? Did you get help afterwards? How did your relationship with your partner fare?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I had one miscarriage. No, I didn't get help. Even though I was a single parent at the time, it was a planned pregnancy and I was very upset. But no worry re a relationship being strained.

Kylie said...

I have had two losses (miscarriage). I sought help....and was given antidepressants. Which did not work, I wasn't depressed I was grieving, my partner couldn't cope and the relationship dissolved.

It was 10 years later and in my new relationship when I had the courage to try again. This time, my baby was born at 27 weeks. It was touch and go, and my relationship with my husband was strained to the limits. I am happy to say that eleven months old the baby, and our marriage, are both thriving!

Emma said...


Thanks for sharing that with us. I am so happy to hear that you have a thriving relationship and baby now!

- Emma

Anonymous said...

Our son passed away when he was 10 days old. It was really tough on my partner and me, but we went through counselling and got professional help. We also connected with other families that had lost newborns and that helped immensely. I am happy to say that we have since had two more children and my husband and I are doing great.

Emma said...

Dear Anonymous:

Congratulations on getting through what must have been the darkest time in your lives. I am so happy to hear that you were able to work through it and that your relationship with your husband is strong!

Anonymous said...

I've had one miscarriage and did not seek counselling. My husband was very supportive and loving and I think it actually brought us closer together. We now have 2 beautiful children and 15 years later, we're still going strong.