Friday, March 20, 2015

Book Review: Lost My Name

Adventure and travel are two things I strongly encourage and practice with the raising of my son. New scenery, adventures, getting lost and finding something new, and daydreams are all such great simple joys in life. Whether travelling far, near, to the park for an excursion, daydreaming a trip or reading a story you can get lost in, one thing is for sure, adventure is thrilling.

I discovered the book "Lost My Name" shortly before Christmas and knew it was a definite must have gift for my son. "Lost My Name" tells the story of either a little boy or a little girl who awakens to discover they have lost their name. After attempting to locate his/her name in their bedroom without any luck he/she embarks on a mighty long journey to find their name. The little boy or little girl will come across several characters throughout the book, each with a small story of their own which leads to their gift of a letter to the child. The letter given to the child is the first letter of the character name's so it's a learning experience wrapped into fun story time. By the time the child reaches the end of the book the little boy or little girl has ended up back at home and has collected all the letters in their name and would have been introduced to several new and interesting characters along the way.

The illustrations in this book are beautiful and the story is fun and engaging. My favorite part of "Lost My Name" is that it is personal and made just for your child. Unlike most children's books this one tells the story of your child on their journey in finding their name. When you place an order online you enter your child's name and gender and it populates a review of the book for you to see. You get to see all the wonderful imagery and characters your child will get to meet on their journey. The best part of the personalization is that you can create your very own dedication that will be printed in the book, making it perfect for a special gift or keepsake. The book which is printed on thick, uncoated environmentally friendly paper is in a beautiful landscape format and if buying for a gift you can add gift wrap to your order.

Whether buying as a gift, a keepsake, just for fun or even for yourself (who doesn't want a beautifully colored book all about them?) one thing is certain, this book is for everyone and will be guaranteed to delight the reader and viewer!

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Angel Fisher - Scenic photographer, professional makeup artist, writer, and lifestyle blogger. Mother of 11 month old son, Valentino Ace, a sweet little enthusiast of art and music.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review: Sea Monsters Revealed The Exhibition

Vancouver's aquarium recently launched the Canadian première of  The Sea Monsters Revealed The Exhibition opening  March 5th, 2015 and it will run until September 7th, 2015.

I personally love the aquarium, rain or shine! It's an instant mood brightener with its bright colored coral fish, waddling penguins, cuddly sea otters and fun splish splash shows from their belugas and dolphins. I enjoyed the aquarium even before I became a mother but experiencing it with a child is quite a remarkable thing to witness. Shortly after my son was born I got my husband and myself a year membership so we could take our son frequently. He loved it from the very first visit and each visit afterwards he becomes more and more aware of his surroundings and remembers his favourites (the dolphin show, and watching the belugas from the below viewing area). My personal favourite is the 4D theatre, I always have a blast in there!

The Sea Monsters Revealed exhibit has by far been my favourite and most intriguing thing to see at the aquarium. The exhibit delves into the deep seas to explore the myths and legends of the monsters of the sea. So why do we call them these creatures monsters anyway? We tend to associate the unknown with being scary as we don't have a clear picture of it. It's this reason that we associate these magnificent sea creatures with being scary. The Sunfish for example sounds scary with weights reaching 5,000 pounds, the heaviest bony fish in the ocean however I found this to be the most intriguing segment of the exhibit and found myself researching this fish more when I got home. That's the most fun part of this exhibit, it isn't the typical displays of sea life that we are used to seeing at aquariums, it sparks an interest at the kid in us and is guaranteed to spark an interest in your children.

The exhibit showcases actual sea creatures, through polymer preservation, giving viewers an up close look at the skeletal system of these fascinating creatures. In addition to this showcase there is an incredible 4D show, 'A Prehistoric Adventure', a film that will transport you back 82 million years ago to the time of dinosaurs. I found this film very fun with a few scenes that may scare younger viewers, use caution when determining if your child is ready to see the film, it is not recommended for viewers under the age of four. Out of all the films I have seen in 4D this was by far the most exciting and it left me with a better understanding of the prehistoric era of sea life. Once you have viewed the exhibit and film you can head over to the 'Let's Get Kracken' interactive game and participate in some game show fun!

I highly recommend that you check out 'Sea Monsters Revealed: The Exhibition', you and everyone in your group will be sure to have a great time and will most likely be eager to learn more once you get home. I recommend picking up a copy of the limited edition exhibition catalogue in the gift shop for some interesting story time that doubles as marine education. Memberships and passes go towards supporting the aquarium, the animals and all those involved so it's a trip you can feel great about!

For more information on the aquarium, the exhibit or show times please visit

Contest Alert: Enter to win a family pack of tickets (two adult day passes and two child passes) to attend Sea Monsters Revealed The Exhibition at the Vancouver Aquarium. Enter at

Angel Fisher - Scenic photographer, professional makeup artist, writer, contractor, and lifestyle blogger. Mother of 11 month old son, Valentino Ace, a sweet little enthusiast of art and music.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mim-Pi Comes to Canada

Mim-Pi is a super hip and cute clothing brand from the Netherlands and it is finally making it's way into Canada.  Angel and I had the honor of being invited to view the upcoming Winter 2015 collection from Mim-Pi as well as actually see it first hand on with two very lovely little models, who adorned the clothing.

The soft launch was held at the residence of the Dutch Consul General in Vancouver which afforded us a wonderful evening to view some beautifully designed children's garments with adorable images, bright colors and soft, gentle fabrics.  

We were given a bit of a background on the fashions of young children and people viewed children as little adults and thus their clothing was reflected as such.  There was no logic to children being viewed as little adults, when their wants and needs for clothing are much different and thus Mim-Pi designs beautiful clothing for little people with little people wants and needs in mind.

The fabrics are soft, whimsical and flowing with beautiful bright colours that tell a story of childhood dream, play and imagination. By looking at the designs, you can envision the type of play that little girls could dream up and the countless hours of fun, twirling, jumping and dancing about, watching the skirts bounce with every step.

The company was wonderful, with many others in attendance, eager to soak up the information about this lovely home sale network.  The selection of Hors d'oeuvres were created with the idea of children's food with an adult twist, many lovely options that left our mouths watering and wanting more!

So all in all the event location was perfect, the food was incredible and the clothing was playful, delicate, childish and whimsical.  Every element of the evening complimented the other perfectly and set the stage for a wonderful evening to learn about Mim-Pi. They bring alongside them many wonderful opportunities, wonderful insight into the ever changing and expanding industry that is Baby and Children clothing.  Welcome to Canada Mim-Pi and best wishes in all your future successes, which we are sure will be plentiful!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: Rhapsody at Carousel Theatre for Young People

We were recently invited to the opening performance of Shakespearean Rhapsody at Carousel Theatre for Young People. I was excited to expose my daughter Ava to the theatre as we had never been before. I must admit I was a little hesitant regarding the style of play and use of old English language knowing my child's level of patience.

The play was based on three of the plays written by Mr. William Shakespeare; Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, and A Midsummer Night's Dream. The three plays were adapted by Mike Stack from the works of William Shakespeare, and the Shakespeare Can Be Fun series. 

As we found our seats, I scanned the audience to see how many young faces were in the crowd – there were children of various ages as the play is perfect for children ages four to nine years old.

As the play began, I wondered how quickly I would hear Ava complaining about the old style of English language.  Ava hath nay patience f'r truly listening. 

Within moments of the play beginning, you could hear the laughter of all ages echo throughout the dark auditorium.  Ava laughed, clapped and truly enjoyed herself. She had a great time, and said to me, “Mommy, I'd like to go again and see the same people, but different stories!"

The play had beautiful costumes, colourful sets, singing and dancing. The stories were beautifully adapted to be entertaining for children as well as adults.  

The actors, no matter which characters they played performed with grace, humor and above all stayed in character. Each actor put forth a performance that made the toughest of critics want to come back for more! Ava gave them all 2 thumbs up!

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon and we were delighted to have the opportunity to attend. Finding a parking spot on Granville Island can be a bit of challenge so be sure to arrive early to leave yourself enough time to find parking. We recommend making a day of it - having lunch, walking around the Granville Island and enjoying your time together at the theatre.

Show Details:
The Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island
February 28 – March 29, 2015
Ages: 4 - 9 years old
Show Duration: 60mins no intermission

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Basic 10 Step Guide for a 15 Minute Face

Mother’s tend to get quite busy throughout the day but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your old beauty regimen, it might just need some adjusting and fine tuning.

The following 10 step guide is a very basic step by step process that will show you how to achieve a simple put together look that should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Add a bold lip and you’re ready for an evening date night!

Step 1 - Apply a thin layer of primer to your moisturized face. Primer creates a smooth surface, fills in pores and allows foundation to be applied evenly.

Step 2 - Apply foundation with either a foundation brush or a sponge. I’m using the airbrush sponge from Sephora which creates a smooth finish similar to that of an airbrush application. If you are unfamiliar with the brush technique I recommend using the sponge as it leaves little room for error.

Step 3 - Apply a thin layer of concealer under your eyes. Dab into your skin gently using a sponge (using a sponge will allow the product to penetrate into your skin, eliminating product buildup that creates fine lines under the eyes.

Step 4 - Gently pat on a powder to set your liquid foundation. Gently patting rather than sweeping will eliminate the foundation from getting fine lines from the bristles and provide more coverage.

Step 5
– Sweep a sculpted brush into your bronzer and tap off excess product. Gently apply a small amount to your lower cheekbones.

Step 6 – Sweep a blush brush into your blush and tap off excess product. Gently pat onto the apples of your cheeks, slowly building up the color until the desired amount has been applied.

Step 7 – Apply a couple of coats of mascara to your lashes, starting at the lash line and sweeping upwards (allow each coat of mascara to dry before applying the next).

Step 8 – In small soft strokes gently apply a brow pencil to your eye brows to create a defined shape.

Step 9 – Sweep a small stiff brush into a matte powder similar to your brow color and tap off excess product. Gently fill in the brows using light short strokes.

Step 10 – Apply a tinted lip balm to your lips. Tinted lip balms are low maintenance and provide just the right amount of healthy natural color all while keeping lips hydrated throughout the day.

For product inspiration and ideas here is a list of the products and tools I used to create this look. Product used:

Maybelline baby skin pore eraser
Estee Lauder double wear in ‘desert beige’
Maybelline instant age rewind in ‘creamy ivory’
Sephora mattifying powder foundation in nude
Too Faced bronzer in ‘sun bunny’
Sephora baked blush in ‘guava glow’
Sephora brow pencil in ‘rich chestnut’
MAC shadow in ‘charcoal brown’
Benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara
Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in ‘sweet violet’

Tools used:
Sephora perfectionist airbrush sponge
MAC 150 large powder brush
MAC 168 large angled contour brush
MAC 129 blush brush
MAC 231 small shader brush

Angel Fisher - Scenic photographer, writer, professional makeup artist, and lifestyle blogger. Mother of 10-month old son Valentino Ace, a rambunctious and sweet little dare devil who loves music.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Book Review: 150+ Screen Free Activities for Kids

Today my little ones and I had the pleasure to review a great new book, of which it’s said topic is very important and high on my priorities.

The book is called 150+ Screen Free Activities for Kids by Asia Citro, MEd. It has pages and pages of fun, creative crafts and activities to engage your children, help them get creative, and most importantly, get away from the screens.

Don’t get me wrong – we watch TV in our house. We have an iPad. I willingly will put on a cartoon if I’m trying to make dinner. However, since I work with Early-Childhood  Educators, and I’m a daughter to a retired teacher, I’m very aware and informed of the importance of PLAY for children and their developing selves. Free play has an integral part on our children’s developing “imagination and creativity – tools, which are now recognized as important down the road in higher levels of math and science – as well as intellectual, social and emotional development.” (Zrinka Peters, Even further, research has shown that kids who spend too much time staring at electronic screens “suffer from sensory overload, lack of restorative sleep, and a hyper aroused nervous system” (Victoria L. Dunkley, M.D., Psychology Today).

This book was a wonderful surprise to receive in the mail, and the two projects that we tried out were a lot of fun! Most importantly, it makes me feel good that I have a fun, easy to use go-to guide for engaging my littles into free, creative play!

Our first activity: Crystalizing Watercolors
Prep time: 5 minutes
We love to paint in our house, and I frequently buy canvases from the dollar store and go crazy. So this project was right up our alley


  • ½ tablespoon Epsom salts
  • 1/8 teaspoon table salt
  • ½ tablespoon water
  •  Food coloring or liquid watercolors

1. You basically combine the salts and water and stir until totally dissolved (about 2-3 minutes). 
2. You then add food coloring or liquid watercolors until you get a desired color.
3. Then, paint away onto watercolor paper! It has to be on specific watercolor paper or it won’t work. 
4. After allowed it to dry for 2-24 hours, really cool crystal patterns and designs will appear on the paper. I told my daughter Lily that it was crystal tokens left behind by a fairy. This really sparked her creative imagination!

For more fun projects check out

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Battery Hero Colouring Contest

EcoKids has partnered with Call2Recycle to develop a new classroom activity. The EcoKids Battery Busters Audit is an activity for students in grades K-8 to learn about the batteries in their home and school, the environmental impacts of batteries, and how to safely recycle dead batteries. 

We are asking students to conduct a battery audit of their home to find out how many batteries are in their home, what kinds of batteries are used, and what devices use them. 

Students and teachers can then discuss a series of follow-up questions to help them brainstorm about some of the ways they can reduce their environmental footprint and reduce the number of batteries they use.

Following the Audit, classes will have an opportunity to enter a draw for a chance to win a Free Pizza Lunch and an EcoKids Classroom Kit! Audit results will be accepted from
March 2-March 31, 2015. For more information about the Audit, visit us at / Enter colouring contest here