Saturday, August 24, 2013

10 Months Old: It's about that time... Decision Time

10 months old wow time is flying by!!! She loves furniture creeping and communicating in her own way, sign language is coming along and she is getting so good at using her walkers. I have put up a swing in the front yard tree which she just loves. I believe she will be taking her first few steps any day now.

Finally people have stopped asking me questions that as a new mum make me so upset.

“Oh how cute! Is it a boy or girl?” It’s a girl. Really, she’s dressed in head to toe in pink!!

“When are you going to have another?” Another now, um well I’m just back at my pre-baby weight so no not so excited to gain back those 30+ pounds right now.

And my all-time favorite “If you want my opinion…” No! I’ll stop you right there. I don’t want your opinion. Thanks.

Now it’s time for the next big decision it’s all about daycare and when to go back to work. Some moms are happy staying at home for the first 3-5 years but we believe it’s best for our family if we explore the world of Daycares and back to work for me. Gosh it’s a full time job just picking out a daycare. Nanny, Daycare, Home Play dates, Montessori, Full time, Part Time, so many options.

I think I have finally decided on a style of Daycare, full time Montessori. Now I have to register her in to keep a spot and now start searching for a job. It’s like that battle between what came first the chicken or the egg. Should I sign up Madison for daycare or find a job first. Gosh it’s a real struggle to know what the right decision is.

Now when I start searching for a new job, I feel like there needs to be a job search engine for moms returning to the workforce. We’re searching for a Monday to Friday job, within reasonable hours of 8:30-4:30 (because daycares need kids picked up BEFORE 5), and a role where I would make enough money to pay for the daycare and still pay bills. Can someone show me how to put that into a job search engine…

She is not 1 year old yet so for now she is still my little baby and I am really cherishing those moments where she hugs me for more than 15 seconds, when she falls asleep on my shoulder when were out around town, and I love when I walk into the room and her face lights up and she crawls towards me in super speed mode. I can’t wait for that first step and when she says “I love you mommy”. But for now we are enjoying the last few weeks before we are onto Daycare and back to work for mommy train.

By Jessica Sutherland

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