Thursday, November 23, 2017

Cirque Du Soleil proudly presents KURIOS, Cabinet of Curiosities

KURIOS is one of the must-see things, this holiday season! Cabinet of Curiosities is a tale in which time comes to a complete stop, transporting the audience inside a fantasy world where everything is possible. 
The name of the show refers to the humble and strange characters that inhabit the Seeker's Cabinet of Curiosities.

This was my first time attending Cirque Du Soleil, and I am so glad I got the chance to attend a show. As my guest and I arrived we could see the famous big blue and yellow tent welcoming us. As we walk towards the entrance, the smell of warm popcorn filled the air. Once past the front gates and in the tent, there were plenty of things to do and see for all ages - props, displays. There were backdrops for those selfie lover’s and people who love to take pictures. Yes, I’m guilty! Many pictures appeared on my instrgram feed that night. 

If comfront food is on your list the concession stands offered popcorn, hot dogs, pretzels, and candies, even alcoholic bevies were being served for the adults. The souvenir stands were everywhere throughout the venue. We bought goggles for both of my sons, that made them look like little aliens.

When we got to our seats and I was quite impressed with how close everything was to the stage. I was in awe of the stage design, which was a futuristic, Victorian, steampunk vibe setbut as soon as the lights dimmed I was instantly mesmerized. The performances were really jaw dropping, literally my mouth was open throughout the entire show with ooh, aah, lots of WOW and plenty of oh my gosh!

I was so happy it was KURIOS that I went to because the show had the old circus style with a modern-day twist. There was tightrope walkers, swinging, the Siamese twin, and jugglers. The acrobat’s performances were breathtaking. The costumes were fabulously created, unique and fun. 

There were so many things I loved, but my top three favourite scenes are Contortion, the performer's movements and flexibility were phenomenal. I couldn’t believe that people can actually do things like that. Not only were their performance wonderful, but their costumes were extremely colourful and so real-like. Second, was Aerial Bicycle, the way she rode her bike and did her acrobatic tricks in midair was the first part of my jaw-dropping experience. She made it seem so effortless and had this gracefulness to her that totally amazed me. Last but not least Aerial Straps. Watching two men swinging across the tent and over each other using only two strips of fabric is extraordinary. There were so many times I was scared for them but their performace blew me away - especially when they wrapped themselves up in the fabric and fell from the top of the tent all the way down to just before the stage. Some of my other favourite moments were the Upside-Down World, Russian Cradle Duo and Rola Bola.

I forsure would recommend KURIOS to my friends and family. We'll definitely include it on our holiday wish list! It is a night of fun entertainment for the whole family!

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