Friday, January 29, 2010

This Mommy is hittin' the sauce


1) I've got an extended health carrier who has just declined to cover the cost of my son's medication (medication that is necessary, was prescribed to him by his oncologist, and is $250 per month);

2) I have 18-year-old childless tenants who think I should be able to keep my children from screaming, crying or walking so that they can "sleep in" on their days off. Short of sending my kids out for adoption, this isn't going to happen;

3) My jeans shrunk;

4) And I just got a mosquito bite on my eyelid!

Ovaltine is my potion of choice. I can't drink alcohol because I'm allergic and well, it would impair my ability to take care of my kids and run my business, so hot malty drink, here I come.

What's your sauce?


Anonymous said...

Your oncologist may be able to send a "special request" to your carrier re the medication. Do your tenants have any nuisance behaviours that you tolerate that you could compare while trying to perhaps show the kids how noisy it is downstairs when they run etc Have at the Ovaltine kiddo.

Emma said...

I contacted the oncologist who said she'd advocate for coverage, which is great. I just need to send in the paperwork so that he carrier can review. Fingers crossed.

As for the tenants, we have been doing everything we can to keep the noise down. And we thought the kids were doing as best a job as they possibly can considering their ages. So we were ticked when the tenants complained again...this time because they found it hard to "sleep in" on their days off because our kids are walking around upstairs. Shared living is noisy, whether you're in a house or apartment. It's the nature of the beast. We've given them the option to break the lease with a month's notice. The fit doesn't appear to be right.