Saturday, October 14, 2017

Quick and Easy Family Halloween Costumes

They say that the couple that plays together stays together – and I think that the same can be said for families as well! What better way to engage in creative play than to plan, create and implement a family Halloween costume together! No matter what your age, here are some fun and fabulous and EASY ideas that you can create with your little ones for some spooky fun this Halloween.

Pac Man Family
For this fun retro arcade game costume, you and your spouse will just need a black outfit, yellow poster board cut out into the shape of Pac Man, string to hang it over your shoulders, and a blue and orange t-shirt with eyes on it for your little ones. Check out this photo courtesy of Domestic Imperfection

Monster Family
Got some gauze? Check. Some white face paint and fake blood? Check. A witch hat? Check! You can easily adorn your brood with some simple witch attire, a mummy with gauze, some fake blood and a vampire cloak, and even a little werewolf with a plaid shirt, some fuzzy ears and a tail. Use your imagination – there’s Frankenstein, a skeleton, a zombie and more that can be made with some old household clothing and some simple Halloween makeup.

Crayon Family
Can you spot a theme here? I’m a big fan of primary color group costumes. Once again, get a bunch of colored t-shirts and some black duct tape or electrical tape to create the Crayola logo on your shirt. You can also use felt or construction paper for the logo. I also like to buy a basic pointy party hat and cover it with like-colored paper or felt. Easy, right? If you’re feeling creative, make Dad dress up as the box?

The Price is Right Contestant’s Row
Here’s another one that just needs some simple colored t-shirts and a bit of arts and crafts! To make this costume, you just need to go to the dollar store and buy some Bristol board, some colored poster paper (make sure you get yellow) and some string. Check out the instructions here, courtesy of Corasaurus Rex from

Emoji Family
The emoji costume is likely one of the easiest costumes to create, as it only requires a yellow t-shirt, some black and multi colored felt, and a glue gun. Copy those emoji faces below, or create your own! Photo courtesy of

Some “Punny” Options
I love puns so much. They’re clever. They make me giggle. Why not make a punny costume? If you have a baby, why not dress up yourself and your significant other as ice? You’ll be ‘Ice Ice baby”!! Or hang a Life cereal box panel around your neck, sport a party hat and stick a noise blower in your mouth – The Life of the Party! Decorate your kid’s umbrella and raincoat with stuffed cats and dogs – Raining Cats and Dogs! Or even wear a piggy nose and ears, and wrap yourself with a blanket – Pigs in a Blanket! I could go on for hours...but I’m onto my next project – figuring out why the skeleton didn’t have the GUTS to cross the road 

Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun and be safe!

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