Sunday, January 31, 2010

I want to thank everyone who supported me...

I got recognized! No, not for a reward or anything, but it was just as gratifying. Here's what happened:

I was at my daughter's playmate's birthday party today and another mom came up to me and asked, "Do I know you?"

"I don't know," I answered slowly while my mind quickly darted back and forth trying to remember something, anything so that I wouldn't totally embarrass myself. "Do I?"

"Aren't you the editor of urbanbaby & toddler magazine?" she asked. "Yes, you are!"

She recognized me from the photo of me and my two kids that accompanies the Letter from the Editor in every issue. She also told me that she loves my magazine and that she thinks that I do a great job. I really did feel as though I'd won an award. I wasn't on stage and it wasn't in front of a huge audience giving me a standing ovation, but it didn't matter. It doesn't matter. Everything that I do as owner and editor of the magazine is borne out of a passion to help other new parents. Of course, it's also a business, but the business side of it is what allows me to pursue this passion of mine.

I love when I get feedback like this from my readers directly. It means I'm achieving what I set out to achieve: to provide Metro Vancouver's new parents with an invaluable resource as they grow their families.

This kind of recognition, I can never get too much of. I do get mistaken recognition too, though. Apparently, to some people, I resemble Lainey of (and also entertainment reporter on CTV News)...and, hey, that is okay too.

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