Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pregnant Leanne: Week 34 of pregnancy - Dropped the baby

January 27, 2010: Week 34 of pregnancy

I think I’ve dropped the baby. According to my midwife, the head is well and truly engaged and I believe it! What clues gave it away? I first began to notice my new walking style a few weeks ago. Think penguin, picture waddling. The second clue and my new nemesis, rhymes with 'shemmorhoids.' A simple sneeze or even an innocent burst of laughter now means I've peed myself. Lovely. Nothing makes a woman feel attractive like hemorrhoids and peeing oneself. To add insult to injury, I now need a run-up to roll out of bed. Kick my leg up to get some momentum, one, two, three, roll!

So this weekend with baby's head bouncing off my cervix, constant pressure on my bladder and a waddling stride, Scott and I headed off to our local office supply store to pick up a printer for our laptop. The printer specialist, a woman, with a clap of the hands and a reach for my belly joyfully exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! You are pregnant! You two are going to have the most beautiful baby! Stunning. Gorgeous." Wow! Rein it in lady! While seemingly complimentary to me, being one half of the baby-making process, in reality, what she is really saying is, "Your husband is hot." Right in front of me too! Cheeky. She wasn’t even on commission!

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