Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pregnant Leanne: Week 18 - Sorry?

October 5, 2009: Week 18 of pregnancy

I'm officially half-way. Four-and-a-half months pregnant and I'm barely showing.

In the morning, I often wake up forgetting for a second that I am indeed "with child." When teaching my Monday morning fitness class, I've found that something is definitely getting in the way and I've had to make some modifications to my moves.

As the day progresses, I tend to get puffier as I retain fluid and my abdominals relax but I don't look especially pregnant. I wasn't prepared for the comments from other women:
  • You're four months pregnant? (said with disdain in their voices)
  • You're hardly showing. Well, you are so skinny. (Am I?)
Instead of feeling flattered by their pronouncements, I'll admit I'm feeling worried. Is the baby growing ok? Why aren't I putting on more weight?

Plus, how should I respond to these statements? Certainly not with "thank you."

Should I be apologizing? Sorry, I’m fit, what can I say? Sorry, I’m not bigger. Sorry I didn’t pack on as much weight as you did. I’ve just been shrugging my shoulders and smiling.

What women need to realize and what I now know is that every pregnancy is very, very different. Some women gain weight at the start and some at the end. Our baby has a strong heartbeat and thanks to my ultrasound coming up this Friday, we'll know for sure that it is growing accordingly.

The reactions from men when they learn I'm pregnant? "Cool." No judgements. No jealousy. No worries.

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