Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pregnant Leanne: Week 37 of pregnancy - Pain in the...pelvis

February 16, 2010: Week 37 of pregancy

As a personal trainer, I specialize in (among other things) pre- and post-natal training. Although I'm certified and qualified and researched to the hilt, training me for pregnancy has been a whole other experience. Up until now, I've had to take the literature and anecdotal experiences of my clients as gospel. Now I'm my own case study! Take my pelvis for example. When I pictured myself pregnant in the ninth month, I imagined walking every day as my way of keeping fit. In fact, fitness-for-pregnancy literature highlights walking as a great choice. Sadly, my pelvis has other ideas. I guess having the head of my unborn child lodged in my loins is really throwing my bones and ligaments for a loop. Given that I'm off work and getting antsy, I've been hitting the gym for a bit of cardio. Picture me on an exercise bike, knees splayed apart. Sure, I might look like a circus clown but at least I don't have pain in the pelvis!

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