Monday, January 24, 2011

On the phone already?

Has your child learned to make a phone call yet? My son made his first 911 call when he was 18 months old. I had no idea he had done it until I received a call back from the dispatch centre confirming there was an emergency!

Well, for the last couple of months my kindergartner daughter Lauren has taken to calling her aunt. Most of the time, Auntie L isn't home, so she leaves whispered messages that are completely unaudible and undecipherable. The other day, I thought I heard talking in Lauren's room and sure enough, found her lying underneath her bed, phone in hand, furtively leaving yet another message for Auntie L.

We've since had a talk about using the phone...she must ask permission first and I have to know who she is calling beforehand. At the time, she seemed to understand and agree to the terms. And yet, this morning, I found one of our handsets hidden underneath her bedtime stuffy, "Mitterand." That sneaky little munchkin! If this is what she's like at this age, I'm not sure I can handle what tweenhood will bring.

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