Thursday, January 20, 2011

A wish for Benjamin

Today, I received a call from the Children's Wish Foundation, notifying us that my son Benjamin has been chosen to receive a wish. I have mixed feelings:

1. I am thankful -- so thankful -- for the doctors and social workers at BC Children's Hospital who referred him. I did not ask for the referral. They did it because they care.

2. I am sad. Because it brings me back to the reality that my son is seriously ill. He is doing well right now and responding to treatments. That is good. So I choose to forget that his disease is serious stuff.

3. I am overwhelmed when I think about the Good Samaritans out there who don't know my son -- Good Samaritans who donate their time, their resources to give sick kids like my little boy, a wish to help lighten the load.

4. I am excited for my son. I can only imagine how giddy he will be when he realizes the possibilities.

It is an emotional day.

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