Friday, January 28, 2011

Wholesome programming for kids?

A friend of mine who is also a mom of two, told me that she downloaded episodes of The Brady Bunch for her girls (ages 5 and 7) to watch. She says she was fed up with the kids' shows available on TV and wanted to expose her kids to something more wholesome.

The Brady Bunch was one of my childhood faves. Loved when Jan tried everything to get her freckles off her face, or when the kids make it 'big' as a singing group, or when Cindy loses her precious Kitty. So many funny episodes.

I was also a fan of Little House on the Prairie, the Anne of Green Gables mini-series, and Sesame Street (I posted about that few posts ago).

Do you get your kids to watch shows or programs from the "olden days" (as my children call anything pre-2000)? Which ones? Why?

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Anonymous said...

Can you get those on PVR?