Saturday, November 7, 2009

My sick child

So, my son is home from the hospital and we are thrilled to resume our normal schedule. Happy he is well enough to be here. But last night, a sobbing Benjamin came into my bedroom at 12 midnight complaining of extreme itchiness. I turned on the light and lifted up his pajama top only to see new blistering lesions on his chest, back, bum and legs.

I wanted to cry. I still do.

The oncologist said we should see her first thing on Monday. If the lesions are still forming, despite the surgery to remove the mass that ultimately is the cause of it, as well as the IVIG pre-surgery, we will move quickly to step 2: drug therapy. He will get doses of rituximab via IV. It will shut down his immune system.

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Darlene said...

Oh Emma, sending you prayers and wishes that Ben will be better soon and that you find the strength to be the awesome Mom you are for him and your daughter!!!