Friday, June 2, 2017

Home Grocery Delivery: Spud Review

With online food delivery becoming more and more popular with busy families, I was thrilled to review Spud. The online organic grocery store, which started in Vancouver, and expanded into the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Alberta.

Spud (Sustainable Produced Urban Delivery) was created in 1997 by a sustainability business consultant determined to correct the imbalance between large scale and independent farming through alternative retail methods by offering direct home delivery. This method generates 80% less food waste, creating direct connections between food suppliers and customers by reducing trips to the grocery store thus saving time and reducing carbon emissions. Spud claims to be North America’s greenest grocer, through its practices of buying local and organic products, in addition to being 100% carbon-neutral.

For busy parents, online ordering provides an easy way to ensure your fridge and cupboards are continually stocked with healthy food choices. Even though I had no experience ordering groceries online, I found the user-friendly layout on the website informative and helpful for first-time users. The product-pictures are visually appealing and show precisely what you will receive when purchasing each item.

For those customers who are concerned with harmful effects of transportation emissions, the website calculates the distance each item comes from. You can choose to order only locally-sourced items (those that are grown or made within 500 miles of your city). Each product page also provides information on where a product was sourced from. You can learn about storage options, preparation tips and health information relating to each food.

With a $75-dollar credit, I could order a wide variety of foods suitable for my family. I took advantage of the new customer offer and ordered The Weekly Samples Bundle, which provided 38% off the regular rate. This bundle included a variety of fruits, chicken, carrots, organic milk and orange juice and more. For my area, the delivery date was Friday, thus making it easy and convenient to plan the family meals for the upcoming work week.

We are all aware that eating organic is not the cheapest option. But is an amazing option for families that already eat organic and free range and want to save time by not having numerous trips to the grocery store. It is also a great option for families that want to shift their eating to healthier and cleaner foods.

All Spud products are either local, organic and are always GMO-free. They offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (if you get something in your bin that you think is not right, you can request a refund just by clicking a button on the homepage and the company will refund that item, no questions asked).

If you shop weekly and know you always order such staples as eggs, juice, avocados and tomatoes. You can add them to a standing order and receive 5% off most items which is a great way to save money. Spud points accumulate while you shop and translates to another awesome way to save on your grocery bill. offers a refer-a-friend program. Every customer has a referral code that they can share with their friends. Those friends can get $20 off their first grocery order and you get $20 off too just for referring your friend.

Since most of our readers are parents with young children, I was happy to see Spud has tailored their website to include a special selection of groceries, produce and baby products specifically targeted for baby and children. Parents can order organic food and formula; environmentally-friendly and natural bath and skin-care products, diapers and wipes.

I also love the idea of giving new parents a unique and different gift option to welcome a new baby home including gifts for moms and dads. Gift sets include one or two-day ready-to-serve dinner packages, along with healthy and convenient snacks plus other essentials for both baby and parents. We all know new parents are overwhelmed and tired during those first months after baby arrives.

I really like Spud. It helps parents become more aware of consumption habits. I think that using Spud for basic supplies, like fruit and vegetables and baked goods, is a great idea. I recommend getting into the habit of planning ahead to get the highest satisfaction with each order. Get great value. Save money and help save the planet too. What’s not to like?

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