Friday, June 9, 2017

UBT Review: Good Day and Good Night on the Carousel Theatre for Young People

Carousel Theatre for Young People’s popular Bee Stage presents Good Day and Good Night – a performance designed specifically for children three and under. The play brings a delightful and uplifting story about friendship from two unlikely characters who on a regular day would miss each other – The Sun and The Moon. 

If you haven’t had the chance to attend a performance at the Bee Stage, the theatre is designed specifically for babies and toddlers and focuses on setting that invites the audience goers to crawl, laugh, clap, and activate all five senses in kid-friendly environment made just for them.

Through the beautiful set design and eye-catching costumes little minds are in awe of all the sights to see. Audience goers are comfortably sitted in the middle of the room with the play happening around them. Through interaction, songs and help from the audience The Moon and The Sun see that they are not that different after all. As the story progresses the characters learn to work together to make an excellent team.

Good Day and Good Night is directed by Carole Higgins and features Steven Greenfield, Alexandra Lainfiesta and CJ McGillivray. Dramaturg: Jessica Mann Gutteridge. Set and Props Designer: Sarah Mabberley. Costume Designer: Kiara Lawson. Stage Manager: Ashley Noyes.

Good Day and Good Night is playing at the Bee Stage at the Carousel Theatre for Young People from
June 6-18, 2017. Tickets are $15 per person and available for purchase at or 604-685-6217

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