Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Product Review: Iögo Kid-Friendly and Parent-Friendly Yogurt Pouches

Chances are you are familiar with the iögo yogurt brand with distinctive iconic black dots in its logo. You may have seen the catchy television ads featuring the mouth-watering texture of this popular brand. iögo recently launched a new line of large yogurt pouches perfect for feeding busy and active children.

Everyone in my family loves yogurt. Like many households, ours is super busy most mornings when I need to get the children off to school and daycare. A quick, healthy bowl of iögo yogurt topped with fresh fruit and granola gives each of us the ultimate start to the day.

The new iögo large pouches are available in vanilla, strawberry and plain flavours which translate to something appealing for everyone in your family. They are easy to use and with flexible packaging making it easier to find space in your packed refrigerator and the well-designed cap helps prevents spills when the little people in your life like to be oh-so-helpful.

It is worth noting that - unlike other brands of yogurt - iögo yogurt is made with no gelatin and artificial colours or flavours! Only made with natural ingredients such as whole milk, real cream and luscious fruit, iögo yogurt has a rich and velvety texture that glides off your spoon. The new large yogurt pouches come in three variations: iögo Original, iögo Probio (now 25% less sugar then the original recipe) and iögo Greek, which gives you 18 grams of protein per serving.

Ever have sweet cravings in the evening? I know that feeling all too well. I love knowing I can always reach for some iögo yogurt. The rich and velvety texture makes me feel like I am eating dessert. It is definitely a calorie-wise alternative for busy moms who, after a long and hectic day, can be easily tempted with sweet treats like cakes, cookies and ice cream. And if your taste buds are craving something chocolatey try making iögo chocolate dip made with iögo probic strawberry yogurt. Yum! More iögo receipes can be found on their website

Let’s face it having easy to pour pouches is really convenient especially early in the morning. You'll want to stock up on your child’s favourite flavour so you always have some on hand for those busy weekday mornings. iögo large pouches are available at Safeway and Wholesale Club.

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Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by iögo (Ultima Foods Inc). We received a product sample for this review.

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