Friday, April 15, 2016

UBT Review: So What is Prismland?

Plush, geometric shapes, to teach kids about math and geometry. In my house, I immediately envisioned both of my boys picking up these toys and throwing them at each other. Having two small boys, everything turns into a high energy (and usually rough, game!)  But if this was the case, I was thinking in my mind how to turn this to my advantage! As you read on, you will see what we did.
I love the concept behind teaching children shapes that they can recognize in the real world. More and more, I am seeing that children really are giant sponges! My four-year-old, Mattias blows me away with the stuff he can recall from months ago, as if it was yesterday.

Mattias loves matching, so I went to the Prismland website and downloaded some of their worksheets that looked appropriate for this age (I chose the matching type ones, as he is not writing yet) and off he went! If you are a teacher, the website also has tips on age appropriate activities for young children from matching games to worksheets.

When he saw the toys, which I thought would be more geared towards babies, he was hugging them and lining them up and LOVED them right away! He grabbed the “shape” books, as he called them and wanted me to read them to him. I let him pick two shapes and let Markus, my two-year-old pick two, and we sat and read the books!

After we read about Spherrison, Rhonda, Pyri, Cubert and Hexter I did let them throw them around! I held the convenient bag, and let them try to toss each shape into the bag! For Mattias, I asked him to tell me what shape it was before he tossed it. For Markus, he was just happy that I was letting him throw toys in the house!!

I will admit, I was not sure that the kids would pay much attention to these, but they
were genuinely intrigued! They are amazing toys for preschools and elementary school math classes! If I had to say something that I did not like about them, it would be the fabric color. Because they are a bit like balls, they will get thrown around and will end up on the floor. I anticipate the white fabric could get dirty or stained quite easily. I do think these would wash up nicely, but I would like to see them in a darker fabric.

So where did Prismland come from?

Prismland is partially the result of a kick-starter campaign; I think it is so amazing too see people investing in great ideas and then seeing the ideas come to fruition. I am sure that Jess Chen and Matt Mayers, the creators of Prismland are also thankful for kick-starter, and those who gave to fund their vision for these toys! Another plus for these toys is the Canadian connection as Jess is an artist from Toronto!

If you are an Early Childhood Educator, a Teacher, a Daycare or just a parent who wants to let you little sponges learn at every turn, I highly suggest you get yourself a Prismland set!
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