Friday, January 16, 2015

Product Review: Glysomed Lotion

Winter is officially here and with that comes some beauty issues that most of us know all too well. If you're like me, then dry hands are on your list of problem areas during this season.

Being a self-confessed germaphobe I tend to have dry hands throughout the year due to my excessive hand washing (having a sick baby in emergency on Christmas only intensifies this need) however winter dramatizes this trouble area. I tend to buy and try any hand product I come across; I have zero requirements - high end, low end. If it markets to combat dry hands then I am all over it.

I have tried some great hand moisturizing products, some decent and others that just didn't work for me whatsoever but none have worked quite as well as Glysomed does.

Glysomed began in 1994 and has quickly risen to be a product we recognize by the bright intense green packaging seen on shelves throughout Canada. Glysomed has two options with their hand cream, the original in the green tubes and the fragrance free in the white tubes. I personally have and use both but prefer to use the fragrance free during the day while with baby.

I need a product that is going to go to work right away at combating my cracked hands and that is exactly what this product does. It goes deep into the dry cracks to work from within immediately all while providing a protective rich layer on the surface to heal and protect. Within one day I notice a significant difference in not only the look but the feel of my hands and by day two my hands are soft, supple and renewed.

If you haven't tried this product you need to! At a cost of under $5.00 per tube there is no way to go wrong with trying out this product. Its effectiveness, well sized packaging and affordability make this one of my top 10 beauty must haves.

Happy moisturizing!
- Angel Fisher

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