Sunday, January 18, 2015

Make Room For Play

In today’s culture in order for parents to get things done, the screen has become an easy solution to occupy children, when parents are busy.  A recent survey conducted by ParticipACTION found that 76% of parents in British Columbia with children 12 and under have used screen time to occupy their child.

ParticipACTION and Healthy Families BC have launched a co-branded campaign, Make Room for Play, to encourage and support parents, caregivers and educators in British Columbia to reclaim childrens’ time spent in front of screens for physically active time.

Did You Know? The average Canadian child spends 7hrs and 48 minutes a day in front of a screen – that’s almost a 40-hour work week. Too much screen time can make it hard for a child to sleep at night, raise a child’s risk of attention problems, and leave less time for active, creative play.

The Good News!
91% of parents in British Columbia say they plan to make physical activity a priority for their children in the 2015. The Make Room for Play campaign offers a great opportunity to help parents get their children more active. The campaign includes a series of four 30-second videos running on television, in cinema and online, supported by digital ads, social media and tips and tools for parents and caregivers.

Here are some easy ideas from ParticipACTION for reducing screen time in your household:
·         Make family rules that limit how much screen time your kids are allowed each day
·         Eliminate background TV as it's likely to draw your child's attention. Instead, turn on music
·         Set a good example and limit your own screen time
·         For younger children, avoid using screens as an “electronic babysitter
·         For older children, don’t allow a TV, computer, or cellphone in your child’s bedroom

     For more information, helpful articles, and additional tips visit on how kids—from toddlers to teens—can reduce screen time and increase play time.

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