Sunday, February 5, 2012

Burns Affect Young Children Too!

Today is the start of Burn Awareness Week in British Columbia. Burn Awareness Week is designed to teach kids grades 3 – 12 how to be responsible for their personal safety, and increase family awareness of potentially harmful situations. However burns can affect baby as well. Burns are a common cause of preventable injury, affecting over 1 million people, leading to the hospitalization of almost 40,000 children each year and over 1000 deaths. And half of these injuries are in children under that age of 4 years.

Although children are often burned by contact with hot liquids, household appliances, sun exposure, etc, scalding burns are the most common burn injury in younger children. These burns can occur as a toddler knocks over a coffee cup or grabs the handle and spills a pot of boiling water on the stove. Toddlers and preschool age children are also commonly burned by curling irons and other household appliances.

Here’s a list of tools and suggestions on preventing burn injuries young children

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