Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What my little girl does in the name of vanity

My daughter and I went out for an evening stroll the other day. It was a cold night, but she was thrilled to be spending time with Mommy alone. When we returned from the walk, her cheeks were very rosy. From the cold air, I told her. She loved the colour in her face, and quickly ran upstairs to "do something," I heard her mumble as she disappeared.

I took my time putting shoes and coats away and eventually made my way up the stairs. Walking into the kitchen, I found my daughter tip-toeing on a chair that she had pushed up to our refrigerator, with the freezer door wide open and her head firmly pushed right into it.

We asked what she was doing. She simply replied, "I'm making my cheeks rosy!"

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Anonymous said...

LOL. Such a funny girl;>))