Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Happy at Collage Collage

Collage Collage -- it's so wonderful, you have to say the word twice. But really, Collage Collage (yes, the name of the business is the same word repeated) is a fabulous kids' art studio where my daughter hosted 7 of her friends for her 6th birthday party.

What I love about Collage Collage:
1. The party was very fun but it was also low-key. We've all been to those adrenaline-pumped birthday parties where sugar is the fuel of choice. Kids get overtired, grumpy and overstimulated. And adults? Well, they get overtired, grumpy and overstimulated too! At Collage Collage, the space was calm. Low-volume kid-friendly music played in the background. And the festivities started off with a lovely story reading (by shop owner Erin, herself) which became the jumping-off point for the art project to follow.

2. Erin had complete control over the party and the kids at all times. She was unflappable and enthusiastic at the same time. Plus she was even able to coax one shy party-goer (my older son, who clearly felt a little conspicuous as the only boy in a room of younger girls) to get involved and enjoy himself.

3. The studio is filled with fun stuff to check out: from art supplies to cool kids' art books, from craft projects to handmade stuffies. Great eye candy for parents and kids.

4. Each of the kids created her own work of art, based on the story that was read. In our case, they each made an artistic collage that included painting, glitter glue, yarn, tissue paper, and crayons. Erin has a way of gently guiding the kids and then encouraging them to use their own imaginations.

5. It is inexpensive. For a party of up to 8 kids, the cost of a 1-1/2 hour fete is $150 + tax. The kids get to take their art home with them too.

Thank you, Erin, for a happy happy time at Collage Collage.

We also loved the giant cupcake (like the size of an oversized muffin) and mini-cupcakes that we got from Cupcakes on West Broadway. They were delectable!

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