Saturday, January 8, 2011

The girl can read!

So, last night, my daughter had a breakthrough. She read her very first book (well, e-book)! She is 5 years old and has always been very close to reading. She has known all her letters and corresponding sounds since she was 3. But when it came to putting the letters together and reading sentences, she just wasn't interested.

I have to admit, I felt like I'd failed somehow. As an avid reader, and writer/editor by profession, I was expecting she would read well before 5 years old, as I did. Oh, I tried to relax and not push, but inside, I was worried. After all, literacy is one of the building blocks to success, right?

I am pleased that I resisted pushing her to read when she was not ready. Now, I know she is reading because she wants to read. And this morning, guess what she wanted to do right away? READ!

She had her reading breakthrough while on this free early-reading website: Check it out. What tools did you use/are you using to encourage your child to read?


Anonymous said...

I simply read to them endlessly and made recognizing letters fun whenever I could.

Jen said...

We loved the Bob Books! There's just something about the child being able to say "I read the whole book!" that gets them wanting more!