Thursday, March 25, 2010

A smile for this Mommy and a call to action

Everyone, today is a very good day.

My son Benjamin, who has been undergoing treatment for the last 2+ years for Castleman's Disease, seems to be getting better! His rare disease, which involves a lot of crazy and painful symptoms, includes lesions inside his mouth. The disease first presented itself to us with the bizarre mouth/tongue lesions in January 2008, and then progressed to lesions all over his body. With surgeries (to remove the tumours that triggered the symptoms) and chemotherapy, the lesions on his body receded twice. But the lesions inside his mouth stubbornly remained despite every treatment, as painful and as big as ever.

Today, his oncologist looked inside his mouth and declared that those stubborn lesions are receding! I am so happy.

I'm not ready to throw a victory party yet, but am feeling hopeful now that victory is within our grasp, thanks so much to BC Children's Hospital (BCCH) and its persistent and conscientious doctors, its attentive and caring nurses, and the generous donors whose philanthropy helps to put smiles on a children's faces even when they're so sick that they can't sit up.

Will you support BC Children's Hospital? You can. Sign up for the ChildRun on June 6 and join the fight against childhood cancer. Run or walk for a little someone you know, or for all the little someones you don't know who will benefit from your participation. You can find out more on the ChildRun Facebook page too.

Hope to see you on June 6!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your support for BC Children's Hospital and the Childrun. It is a fun run and a great cause. On behalf of all the parents of baldy kids. Thank you.

tamara said...

So happy to hear this news about Benjamin! We are also big supporters of Children's Hospital, we have had our fair share of visits too. xx