Saturday, March 13, 2010

NYC chef makes cheese from wife's breast milk

I came across the news of a chef in New York City who made cheese from his wife's extra breast milk. As soon as I heard about this, I had to stifle my urge to throw up. Breast milk is full of nutrients and wonderful stuff for our babies and tots, but for adult consumption? Hey, I'm not a squeamish eater -- I'm Chinese and grew up eating cow's tongue, jellyfish, chicken/duck feet, fish eggs, sea cucumber as part of a normal diet. But even I have my limitations. For me, eating human breast milk products ranks right up there with eating your own placenta. Definitely not on my list of 'must-eat's.

Daniel Angerer is the chef's name, and he blogged about it. Read his post here: (click on Mommy's Milk under Recent Posts)

Would you eat cheese made from human breast milk?

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Anonymous said...

If it were pasteurized I would try it out of pure curiosity. I saw the same news. Apparently he is not allowed to make it for sale.