Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pregnant Leanne: Week 33 of pregnancy - Nesting instinct?

January 21, 2010: Week 33 of pregnancy

We’re ready to start the official packing of the hospital bags. Deciding what to include is sort of like planning for a holiday but not knowing where you are going. You know a plane will be involved but the destination is a surprise.

My list of must-haves (of course I have one!) is beyond thorough and covers every scenario I can cook up. Nest, nest, chirp, chirp, I’ve been stockpiling soup and easy meals for our return home. We’ve got our baby-change station ready to go.

Feeling prepared helps to ease my anxiety and hopefully 'feeling' prepared will roll along nicely into 'being' prepared. Just need the baby and we're golden! I told one of my clients the other day that I plan to make my own baby-wipes from paper towels. I believe her direct quote, along with significant eye-rolling was, "We'll see."

Much of my preparations involve this hazy vision of what day-to-day will actually be like. Along this line, we've been imagining Scott's parents visit in May. What fabulous restaurant shall we take them to on their last night? Stanley Park, great food and gorgeous view, perhaps a cute new dress for me… Ummmm…wait a minute, aren’t we forgetting something? Like why his parents are visiting in the first place?

The baby! Oooopsie. There goes our restaurant idea. We don’t want to be THAT couple.

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