Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cell phones? What about kids?!

Talking on a cell phone while driving is more hazardous to your health than driving with young kids in the car. Discuss.

I am all for British Columbia's new law that is designed to deter people from talking on their cell phones while driving. How many times have I, both as a pedestrian and driver/passenger, nearly been a victim of a road accident because somebody thought he/she could multi-task while driving? Too many to count.

But what about having young kids in your car? They're pretty distracting too. Perhaps more so than talking on a cell phone, I would argue some days. If only we could make kids hands-free with a mute button or at least an option to vibrate instead. Parenthood would be so much more civilized that way!

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Anonymous said...

lol-Funny Emma;>)) I can't remember back as far as my kids but I know that when my grandsons were younger they sometimes would be fighting in the back seat. I would pull over to the side of the road so I couold safely turn around to look at them. Then they would know that I was dead serious when I said we woould turn around and go home if they didn't smarten up. It worked.