Monday, November 16, 2009

What this Mommy knows for sure

You know that question that Oprah always asks her guests: What do you know for sure? I have often wondered what I would answer if asked that question. Until now, I couldn't think of anything.

My son has been sick for a long time and he has gone through too many medical procedures to remember. Countless needles; IVs; bowel flushes; drug therapies; hot compresses; surgeries; tubes up the nose, down the throat and into the stomach -- through it all, I had always felt one thing: helpless.

But during the most recent round of treatments, I discovered that I am not helpless at all. After a treatment that left my son crying and screaming, something miraculous happened. As I wrapped my arms around him, folding him into me, he breathed a deep and heavy sigh and his body slowly stopped heaving, and he was just...calm.

I remember, when both my children were just babies -- how they'd howl when someone else carried them. And I remember how very proud and useful I felt when all I had to do was hold them in my arms and they'd nestle into me as if to say, "I'm home now."

What do I know for sure? That no one can soothe, comfort and love my children better than I can.


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww-Too true Emma.

Anonymous said...

Brings tears to my eyes as I read this but you are absolutely right.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have had this "ah ha" moment. That is the one thing that no one else on this earth can do for your kids as well as you do. Sometimes it is enough. Sometimes it is all that they need. Just you. Darn it now I'm crying... Keep up the great work. You can do this.