Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pregnant Leanne: Week 24 - Yawn...

November 17, 2009: Week 24 of pregnancy

Sleep. I’m trying to remember when I last slept through the night and attempting to forecast when I will again.

I think my little embryo settled right onto my bladder immediately following conception and I don’t expect to see a full eight hours again until my little human can make its own toast! Is this peeing every two hours thing a form of baby boot camp? Am I being trained for 3 am feedings now? Sadly, I don’t get to be a mama zombie during the day quite yet and actually have to function and drive and do payroll. Plus this little baby is kicking and I suspect making snow angels, as soon as I settle down to sleep. Isn’t that fun?

I’ll admit I’m starting to find comfort in the movements, but then that is "Day-time Leanne’s" thoughts. "Night-time Leanne" is not so charitable. "Night-time Leanne" would prefer to sleep on her stomach but this seems to really get the uterine party started.

My solution? I’ve purchased THE best pregnancy pillow ever. It’s shaped like a molar so I’m supported and cuddled from all sides. A small consolation for what is the beginning of a lifetime of compromises.

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