Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pregnant Leanne: Week 25 - Sexy mama?

November 24, 2009: Week 25 of pregnancy

So as you know, I’m on the smaller side as pregnant women go. Evidence suggests that in certain outfits and on dark nights you can’t even tell. In my own mind however, I’m very pregnant. So pregnant in fact, that the idea of a man hitting on me is deeply disturbing. I’ve read that a lady never feels so "womanly" as when she is pregnant. If by "womanly" they mean "round," then, yes, I feel very womanly. But womanly as in sexy? NOPE. Case in point: I was innocently grocery shopping a few weeks back (in daylight...!) when a random man complimented me in the soup aisle and tried to strike up a conversation. Come on, man! I’m going to be a mother! I said, in my head. Gross.

Just this week, on a dark and stormy night, I was walking to my car from the gym and a pair of guys thought it fit to comment on my "hot bod." Too late, boys, someone already beat you to it! I mean really! "Hot bod?" Pervs. I’m amazed that the attention that I used to find amusing pre-pregnancy, I now find a tad offensive. I do realize (boys will be boys after all) that the focal point is likely my huge mom-to-be boobs and not my baby belly but still, I’m going to be a mother!

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