Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fool's Day Pranks For the Kids

It's April 1st tomorrow, and have you prepared anything for the occasion? Share with your kids the joy of April 1st with some of these fun pranks.

Wormy Apple
Put an gummy worm in an apple in your child's lunch or in one of the apples out on the table and you're sure to get a giggly reaction.

Leaky Bottle
Poke tiny holes in a plastic water bottle, leave it where one of your little ones will grab it and see what happens when the water starts to squirt out!

Who Broke the Remote?
Put a small piece over the remote sensor and watch your kids try to change the channel.

Pillow Prank
Replace your child's pillow with balloons and watch them giggle at nap time!

Growth Spurt!
Put a bit of toilet paper or paper towel in the toe of your child's shoes. When he or she tries to put them on, you can say: "You're feet must have grown over night!"

Drink Up!
Make jell-o in a glass with a straw and tell your kids their juice is on the table. Imagine their confusion when nothing comes out of the glass.

Trick or Treat!
Take a candy box, remove the candies, replace them with carrots, tell your kids they can have a special treat... April Fool's! (Just be sure to have a bit of candy on the side to avoid tears of disappointment.)

Stick googly eyes on everything in the fridge. So much fun! Then have them help you remove the eyes by playing who can collect the most eyes wins. 

Topsy Turvy
When your child goes to sleep on March 31, turn as many things as possible int he house upside down. Their reaction to a topsy turvy house on April 1 will be great!

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