Sunday, March 5, 2017

Celebrity Mom: The Weather Network's Saphia Khambalia

Saphia Khambalia has been welcomed into thousands of Canadian homes from coast to coast. They rely on her to tell them what jacket to wear and if they should grab their umbrella as they head out the front door. Khambalia is a National Weather Anchor for The Weather Network. She is also mom to Jacob, age two and daughter Layla, who was born May 15th, 2016.

Khambalia says the weather is the one thing that touches all our lives every single day and it’s pretty cool to be able to share that with Canadians. “Nothing compares to Canada’s weather. From coast to coast, there is an incredible story to be told and I am so lucky to tell it to viewers across the country every single day.”

Urbanbaby and Toddler Magazine recently got the chance to talk with Saphia about her broadcasting career and life as a busy mom.

UBT:  How do you balance work and parenting?
SK: There is no balance. There is no perfect recipe. There is no “one size fits all. Things change day by day. You have to make a semblance of life that works best for you so you can honour all of those priorities and easily shift from spending time at home in your track pants building LEGO castles to making sure you have the village behind you, so you can continue your career path. And you want to make sure your kids are happy and healthy at the same time. I honestly think it comes down to just trying to live in the moment and stay grounded. There is no right and wrong. There is no balance. There is no comparison to somebody else. It is really about looking at your own life and really doing what makes you love every single second.

UBT: Is there one moment you can say that has been the most memorable one for you as a mom?
SK: It is a hundred thousand little moments. Every minute of every day you are just in awe about these little people with bigger-than-life personalities. Jacob is sweet and funny and has the biggest heart. Layla, is a gentle sweet soul with strong conviction. It is like a gift watching them every day.

UBT: Do you have any funny stories to share? 
SK: One day Jacob helped me get ready for work. I didn’t realize he had taken things out of my work bag including all of my reporter earpieces, little microphones and little technological gadgets needed to go live when out in the field. Jacob took them out of my bag replacing them with his LEGO and Elmo. And he actually hid my stuff around the house.

UBT: What is it like sharing your pregnancy with a television audience?
SK: A lot of viewers commented on social media and loved watching the pregnancy day by day. It’s so special being able to share such a beautiful moment with a lot of people who really care. When you talk about your kids on television, viewers really get to know you in a special way.

UBT: What advice would you have for a new or soon-to-be parent? 
SK: Trust your gut. I think you should rely on your instincts when you are really unsure of where to go. As parents, when we follow our instincts, we will always know what to do. Trust your gut with no regrets, because there’s always a different way to do things, and in that moment, you did the best you could.

UBT: Do you think being a mom has changed your perspective on your career path and being in the spotlight? 
SK: The minute you get propelled into that deep end of love,  everything changes. In some ways it makes your career skills stronger. You grow up a little bit quicker. You know what is important in life. You learn not to sweat the small stuff in so many different ways, which I think helps your career path as well. It also helps you realize you don’t have an infinite amount of time and energy to spend, so you really pick and choose the things that make your day great. You learn to really prioritize the important stuff.

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