Sunday, January 29, 2017

UBT Review: How Fab is Fabletics?

At this time of year most of us think about our New Year resolutions regarding fitness. Satisfied with your progress on losing weight; getting fit and trying out the latest fitness challenge? Need some extra incentive? I have discovered that nothing makes you feel better than wearing workout attire that fits and shapes your body properly.

I recently had the opportunity to vacation with my husband in Hawaii and was thrilled to enjoy some much-needed leisure-time and fabulous days in the sun. However, I was even more excited to see the opening of Fabletics at the International Market in Waikiki.  (You have no doubt heard about Kate Hudson's fitness apparel (Fabletics) advertised all over Facebook and TV).

We have all seen the company’s ads posted on Facebook with awesome deals available to those who sign up for an ongoing membership. If you're anything like me, not being able to see, touch and try on the clothing typically makes me hesitate to be committed to something I am unsure about. The reality is: being a fitness instructor and busy mom to two active boys means I live in my workout gear so quality and comfort are everything to me.

So how fabulous is Fabletics? After spending an hour in their store trying on pants, tops, sports bras, shorts, I was very impressed! The styles are awesome and the fit is very flattering. Sizing includes traditional options including xx-small (size 0-2); x-small (size 4); small (size 6); medium (size 8); large (size 10-12) and x-large (size 14-16). The company also offers products in xx-large ( size 18-20) which is a great option for full-figured women.

Unfortunately the sports bras didn’t work for me. With only a limited amount of sizes to choose from and no cup sizing available, their sports-bras didn't fit me properly (yes, having big bust and a small frame is a downfall with standard sizing).

Fabletics carries several different styles of clothing with six different fabric qualities and thickness. Products in the heavy-weight fabric would be good for the cold BC mornings especially if you are a runner or take an outdoor bootcamp class. The light-weight fabric is perfect for taking a step class, barre or yoga. You can choose clothing items in fabrics that are well-suited to the type of fitness classes you participate in. Choices include bright and bold colour patterns in matching coordinates. Enjoy some creative freedom by mixing and matching styles with solid prints to create multiple outfits. If you're like me and gravitate to – yet another pair of black crop pants – I encourage you to look for tops in your favourite colours and then find a matching pant which is what I ended up purchasing (see my new outfit below).

Stores are opening across the US although there are no plans to open in Canada as yet. As a Canadian, you can sign up for a membership to purchase products. One needs to factor in the exchange rate and duty charges (bear in mind that on the Canadian site, funds are still calculated in US currency).

Getting started with the monthly membership is easy. Simply go to the website Fabletics and take the brief quiz to help their stylist create personalized outfit recommendations that suit your style.

Visit the website every month (between the 1st and 5th day) for an outfit personalized just for you. If you’re not happy with the outfit selected, you can skip the month and not pay anything.

If you like the outfit, you’ll be charged $49.95 USD. Keep in mind that you need to cancel by the 6th of the month or you’ll be automatically charged the $49.95 USD, which will apply as a credit to your account.

When it comes to making year-long progress with your commitment to stay fit, Fabletics might be just what you need for an extra incentive. If wearing the apparel makes you smile as you catch yourself in the mirror at the gym, then it is definitely an investment worth considering.

And if well-fitted and stylish workout wear encourages you to get active with your kids at the park – then by all means, I say go for it; you won’t be disappointed!

Lara Leontowich is a BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Instuctor and Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist. She is the owner of Runners and Booties Fitness helping new moms stay fit through weekly exercise programs offer at local shopping centres. For more info or to sign up for a class checkout 

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