Monday, September 19, 2016

Back to School with IOGO

You know that smug feeling you get when you sneak some zucchini into your kid’s muffins? Or when you blend some kale into their unsuspecting spaghetti sauce? Well, that’s how I felt yesterday when I fed my unsuspecting daughter Iogo’s new Nano yogurt that contains veggies!

Yup, that’s right, folks – all the deliciousness and nutrition of carrots, beets, squash and more – hidden nicely into a delicious mini yogurt, perfect for your little one. And another great thing about these little guys is that it’s made with natural ingredients such as real fruit, and has no artificial flavours, preservatives, artificial colours or gelatin. All great points!

We also grabbed the Iogo Nano drinkable yogurt too, as my littlest girl absolutely loves these. The easy flip top, portable size and delicious on-the-go portability makes them a great snack to have anytime of the day.

My kids absolutely love their dairy, and I’m thrilled that Iogo has decided to add healthy veggies to their yogurt now. It’s a win-win for us – my kids get their yummy snack, and I feel good knowing they’re getting a serving of veggies. Two thumbs up for Iogo Nano!

Melissa Collins is a freelance writing mother of 2 girls. When she’s not cleaning up cheerios and play dough, she can likely be found curled up n her hammock with a good book. Check her out at

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