Sunday, June 5, 2016

Product Review: Svan Ice Cream Shop

The arrival of a new toy is always an exciting moment in our home. This case was no exception — and the Svan Ice Cream Shop couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

You see, my daughter’s preschool class just got a new similar toy — an ice cream cart — that facilitates hours of creative play for her and her classmates. Having the Svan Ice Cream Cart at home is like a smaller scale version of her school toy. Being able to play with it at home has been just delightful for them! And let’s not forget the most important piece — our local bakery, within walking distance of our home, has just added and ice cream bar, with 24 flavors of gelato! Summer is truly on its way, with the thoughts and visions of ice cream everywhere!

My daughters are just overjoyed with this toy. When we first opened it, they immediately dove right in. They pretended to have their own ice cream store — called Strawberry Ice Cream Shop — and they promptly took our orders for ice cream. They scoop, lick and imagine, swapping out the magnetic tops for the various ice cream cones and then replacing them back in the slots.

You can feel great about your child playing with the Svan Ice Cream Shop, as it is made of 100% wood and is extremely durable. It is great for imaginative and dramatic play, and can provide your child with learning experiences for sharing, interacting with others and just plain fun! We love this toy — t is a perfect addition to my daughter’s kitchen set.

Whether or not your child is just moving the magnetic tops of the ice cream onto the various cones, or is truly engaged in the imaginative play of the Ice Cream Stand, the Svan Ice Cream Shop is a wonderfully interactive toy that I would highly recommend. It is durable, portable and will provide hours of play-and the price point is great too — only $39.99 on Amazon. I’d highly recommend this toy for your child.

For more information about Svan Ice Cream Shop products and accessories visit: Enter to win your very own Svan Ice Cream Shop at in the contest section. Good Luck!

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