Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Our Review: To the Moon by Sarah Yoon

We all know colourings are the latest rage with not only children but adults too. With so many colouring books on the market how does one stand out….How about creating an amazing 14 page fold-out colouring book that extends 15ft long?  See you later standard colouring books!

To the Moon features array of towers, animals, buildings, castles with space ports, flying elephants and more. Perfect for ages 4-8 or anyone who’s happy to grab a pen or crayon and let their imagination run with the fun graphics and eye catching designs. To the Moon, provides hours of fun and enjoyment for the whole family.

To the Moon created by Sarah Yoon, from a youngster herself who became intrigued with Batman and Superman comics and the world of visual arts comes the master of all colouring books. With much anticipation from her fans she is launching another mega book To the Ocean Deep, coming out May 2016. To order your copy of To the Moon check out Chapters, Indigo and Amazon.ca.

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