Friday, August 7, 2015

Theatre Under the Stars: Oliver the Musical

After 75 years of song-and-dance, Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) have brought us two night productions Oliver! The Musical and Hairspray – The Broadway Musical, running July 10 – August 22, 2015 at Stanley Park’s picturesque Malkin Bowl.
We had the pleasure of viewing Oliver, which was an unfamiliar story for myself and for my daughter but we welcomed it with open arms. We arrived just in time after a bit of troubles with parking. We drove around for 20 minutes, when we finally ended up parking on the road with a few other vehicles, I would definitely arrive earlier next time. There are rows of plastic seating for your viewing pleasure, however, with Ava, we found it a little hard to find a spot that she could see the entire stage. Once finally found a spot that was ok, we set up camp. She had a blast watching all the characters dance and do flips while attempting to figure out what was going on.
The singing, dancing, and the children actors made this musical much more relatable for Ava and I did find her smiling quite a bit. At the intermission, we switched over to the grass on the side, which actually afforded us a much closer view. Thankfully, as we did come prepared, we had two blankets with us to lay out on and snuggle up on, as the sun was setting, it was growing colder. Unfortunately, it was growing too late and I could see Ava's eyes begin to get droopy and voice become whiny, so we left shortly after 10pm, just before the production had ended. It was a bit too late for six-years and under but I'm sure that 8-10 year olds wouldn't find the night too late.

Reflecting on this musical, the weather was beautiful, Oliver! is a great story, the song and dance was phenomenal, very well written and acted and laying out on the grass with blankets and getting to cuddle my oldest, made for a wonderful evening. We definitely recommend it with older children or with your girlfriends or partner, I hear they serve wine, just saying!

Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS), which returns to the stage this summer with two timeless family musicals – Oliver! – The Musical and Hairspray – The Broadway Musical, running on alternating evenings July 10 - August 22, 2015 at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park. 

Janette Shearer is  a Mommy Blogger  for Vancity Mommy D, wife and mother to two little girls 6 year old Ava and 8 month old Zoe. All Photos courtesy of Janette Shearer.

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