Friday, February 20, 2015

Family Outing to Mike the Knight

If you missed taking the kids to see Mike the Knight by Kobe Entertainment. Our Mommy Ambassador Melissa and her family had the opportunity to attend last weekend. 

What better way than to spend a balmy Sunday in February than by visiting Mike the Knight and his crew at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre?

We packed up our two littles and headed downtown for a fun afternoon at this live action performance based on the popular Tree House Channel TV character.
Mike the Knight is a knight-in-training who tries his best to be the bravest knight in the land. With  help from his two dragon friends, Sparkie and Squirt, his sister, witch-in-training Evie, and his best buddy Trollee, Mike learns the power of responsibility and how to 'be a knight—and do it right!

The show was the perfect length - 1 hour - with a short intermission in the middle. Great for the little ones with short attention spans. There was lots of singing, dancing and even a cool light-up star wand that the little ones waved around, creating a bright and blinking sense of delight to the dark theatre.

Mike the Knight and his pals leads the audience along through The Glendragon Scavenger Hunt. With a little help from his closest friends, including Sparkie, Squirt, Evie and his steadfast friend Trollee, Mike leads the charge to solve the clues of the scavenger hunt!

This was the very first live action show for my girls, ages 19 months and 4, and they totally had a blast. I'm really looking forward to taking my older daughter to next year's holiday pantomimes and even a Disney live show or two when we head to the Disneyland Resort next week! 

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