Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Product Review: Minimoc

I can proudly say that currently the only shoes my 11 month old son wears are the incredibly soft soled moccasins by a company called Minimoc.  I first discovered this brand over a year ago and bought my son his first pair while he was still nestled warmly within my stomach.

Moccasins historically were the footwear choice of many indigenous people of North America as it allowed them to feel the earth beneath them. The etymology of moccasins comes from the Algonquian language Powhatan word ‘makasin’ and the Proto-Algonquian word ‘maxkeseni’, meaning shoe.  Social media sites such as Pinterest along with a strong celebrity interest has brought moccasins into the spotlight in recent years as a must have staple in any child’s wardrobe.

Minimoc moccasins, owned by the power couple Amanda and Jeff, was born out of the desire to provide custom made, hand crafted gifts to the babies being born to their friends. Jeff made handmade leather wallets for his groomsmen when he and Amanda got married and with the remaining remnants Amanda made her first pair of infant moccasins. After gifting the handmade moccasins to a couple newborns she started to receive orders on the stylish fashion forward footwear and the business quickly took off from there.

Minimoc moccasins are made with durable; hand inspected ethically sourced leather in various colors. Minimoc strives to ensure that all materials purchased come from suppliers with reputable tanneries who treat their employees well so you can feel confident about supporting this company. As the moccasins are made with natural leathers, each little pair of soft soled goodness sent out is unique in its own way with varying textures, depth of color and personality. I have personally tried all variables of footwear when it comes to covering my son’s feet; hard soled, soft soled, sandal, sneaker, loafer, velcro, zipper, slip on, lace, high end, low end and anything and everything in between. When it comes to footwear nothing has quite compared to the quality, craftsmanship, comfort and variety that Minimoc moccasins offers. You slip them on and they stay on….yes these actually stay put. Every other shoe I have tried to put on my son he has some way or another found a way to get one or both off. With Minimoc moccasins he doesn’t even attempt to take them off which I personally contribute to the comfort of the moccasins and that is allows the foot to move about freely and more natural rather than with a constricted hard shoe form.
When it comes to a child’s wardrobe moccasins just mesh well with everything so easily and effortlessly whether you are dressing a boy, girl, infant or toddler.  With that being said Minimoc is without a doubt a brand you need to have in your child’s wardrobe. Pops of vibrant colors, soft suede’s, pastels, metallic’s, and neutrals; you are sure to find something for everyone. With a large variety ranging from ‘Firefly’ a bright neon green to ‘Stallion’ a must have black, to ‘Gazelle’ a beautiful gender neutral you will find yourself in love with the versatility and options of Minimoc moccasins.

Angel Fisher - Scenic photographer, professional makeup artist, writer, and lifestyle blogger. Mother of 11 month old son Valentino Ace, a rambunctious, sweet dare devil who is an enthusiast of music and art.

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