Friday, May 29, 2015

Jump into Fun with Springfree Trampolines!

New to Vancouver (store is located in Coquitlam). Springfree Trampolines brings jumping fun to backyards all over BC this summer.

Positioned as the “World’s Safest Trampoline” on the market – the Springfree Trampoline is an alternative to traditional trampolines. Springfree Trampoline technology replaces coil springs with fiber-glass rods, soft-edges and flexible attached enclosure (the FlexiNet) all designed to keep child safe and prevent falls. Designed by engineer and father of three Dr. Alexander, the goal of the new design was to change the traditional trampoline in order to reduce injuries and provide children with a safer option. 

In a society of childhood obesity, jumping on a trampoline provides a great workout and helps children develop coordination and athletic skills. In fact, just 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline is equivalent to a half an hour of running. However, many injuries can happen as a result of using a trampoline. In Canada, 4,247 cases of trampoline injuries were reported over the five most-recent years of data.

Regardless of what type of trampoline you have, children can still be injured when using a trampoline, so the following precautions are recommended:

1. Only one jumper at a time: butting heads or falling on another person can result in injuries
2. Bare feet is best: helps to prevents slipping and falling 
3. No flips: most serious injuries happen to the head and neck area
4. Secure the door: reminding children to keep the access door zipped and closed
5. Provide a safe area: keeping the trampoline away from fences, trees and other backyard objects 
6. Supervision: parents need to mindful of children playing on the trampoline at all times

With safe practices, jumping on a trampoline is terrific full-body exercise for the whole family  one person at a time. Happy Jumping!

For more information on Springfree Trampolines check out their in-store specials and family-friendly events happening in June

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