Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Product Review: 2Fish Kids My Week Magnetic Calendar

Of all the products that I’ve had the pleasure reviewing, this was probably one of the best. My daughter absolutely loves it! And the premise is quite simple – it’s a magnetic one week calendar, equipped with a dry erase marker and a variety of smaller magnets that your child can place on the weekdays to reflect what they’re up to during that week. For example, there’s a magnet for a playdate, for swimming, for the dentist, and all the major holidays – plus much more.

I couldn’t believe how positively my daughter responded to this chart. She dove right into it, eagerly asking what magnets meant what, where they belonged and how it worked.

The best part was her budding interest about the days of the week. She now asks me every night before bed “what day is it tomorrow, mommy?” and we pull out the chart and look.

When she wakes up in the morning, she heads right for it, enthusiastically selecting and placing the appropriate magnets on the day of the week.

I love this magnetic chart for its bright colors, it’s variety of activities and its ability to personalize. But I love it most of all for the amazing way that it sparked my daughter’s concepts and interest of “time”, and the way it relate4s to days, weeks and months. She now will tell me “Mommmy, we have soccer on Wendesday. Today is Monday. So that’s in 2 days, right?” and she will be so incredibly pleased with herself and her newly acquired knowledge. I highly recommend this chart for anyone with preschoolers.

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