Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bakers Market...Too Sweet Not to Go

Every Sunday from now until June 14th, the Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre is home to the Bakers Market from 11am to 3pm. I had the joy of attending in November just after Zoe was born and brought home an armful of goodies, which did not last long! I jumped at the opportunity to go again and see what new Bakers would be attending and see what new products previous returning vendors would be bringing along.

Bakers Market, truly is a family event. With free samples and free admission and ample parking surrounding, how can you resist the urge not to go? 

Initially, I was hesitate about taking my daughter Ava along for the trip because of all the treats, but the samples are the perfect size that she got to try a bit of everything and satisfied her sweet tooth. We left the decision making until the very end, which I might add, at that time she was too full to become whiny if we said no.

It becomes very clear, very quickly that these vendors take alot of time and consideration into planning the perfect treats to bring along to showcase everything that is special and unique to them. The table displays, the sample choices, the banners, the packaging is all skilfully selected to leave a lasting impressions.

You must try...

The Lemon Square is the perfect texture, a not too sweet, not to sour, lemon square! I also learned that they use BC butter, a small but very significant detail, which creates a lasting impression and a taste that sticks with you! I've been craving it every day since.

Cajeta is a delicious Mexican traditional caramel spread made with fresh BC's Goat's Milk. Delicious, doesn't even begin to explain how truly good this caramel sauce is, and I don't like caramel sauce but it is perfect; not too sweet, not too thick, it melted perfectly. I can still taste the espresso flavoured caramel sauce and really wish I would have grabbed a jar before I left. Dairy and gluten free; and void of all artificial ingredients, thickeners and preservative, this is truly what caramel should ALWAYS taste like.

Handmade by Michelle had an amazing variety of cookies, cupcakes, and the Designer Chocolate. Not only is Michelle incredibly sweet herself, but you can see the love and passion she exudes into what she is doing by how beautifully thought out all her details are, right down to her packaging! The designer chocolate alone is enough to make you want to stay close to Michelle's table!

Heritage Canadian Bakery; Kelly Macgregor is a pastry chef, who has such a knack for creating these delicious treats, snacks and breads, which bring back the memories of home-cooked meals by mom, or holiday traditions with the freshest of breads and the sweetest of treats.

Mama's Bakeshop has these incredible jars which contain all your ingredients to make the most delicious cookies! How often do you see people baking with oatmeal? Yes, it's done but it's not very common and her Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies are moist, delicious and the perfect amount of chocolate.  Did I mention that these Jars are the perfect gift for the cookie lovers in your life?

Last but not least, J'adore Les Macarons; featuring the most decadent and beautifully crafted Macarons. Connie was accepted and trained professionally in Paris attending one of the most prestigious pastry schools, so when I say this woman knows her macarons, trust her; she has put together these most aesthetically pleasing packaging, deliciously crafted macarons with so many tempting and divine flavours. She is extremely proud of her time in Paris, and it shows with her beautiful gift boxes donning a miniature Eiffel Tower. These are the real deals, and one of her incredible gift boxes would surely win you brownie points with the in-laws.

Those are just a few of my highlights from the Bakers Market but thank goodness it's a weekly event because you can fall in love with a different company each and every week. The handmade goodies, the attention to detail, the care these vendors take into planning what goodies, they will tempt you with again and again.

You do not want to miss the chance to meet these Vendors, every last one of them, taste their craft and most importantly shop small and support local!

Janette Shearer is  a Mommy Blogger  for Vancity Mommy D, wife and mother to two little girls 6 year old Ava and 5 month old Zoe. All Photos courtesy of Janette Shearer.

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