Thursday, February 5, 2015

Motherload: A Review

Motherhood, it really is a club with a lifetime membership, a club I never really knew existed before actually becoming a mother. Being a mother expands your knowledge and experiences far beyond what you thought were possible, far beyond what you thought you were capable of. It’s a whole new world, a beautiful, terrifying, exhilarating world.

I recently had the absolute pleasure of watching Motherload, a show that delves deep into motherhood, the good, the bad and the ugly. The intimate, personal and candid stories of four mothers sharing their experiences of motherhood. Personal photos and videos combined with raw emotion, and unfiltered truth will leave you feeling connected in one way or another. I laughed (a lot), I cried, and I saw a lot of myself as a mother reflected throughout the show.

The show perfectly portrays what it’s like to be a modern age mother, the time of competiveness amongst mothers, the time of juggling our career driven dreams while maintaining the dreams of still being the perfect mother, the time of google where it doesn’t matter how good of a parent you are there will still be some article, blog post or open forum somewhere that will make you wonder if you are doing enough. The show reminds you that you are not alone, there are other mothers out there going through the same things you are, feeling the same way you feel!

I had the chance after the show to meet with each actor and after seeing such an honest performance that already shared so much of their lives as mothers I had only one question I wanted to ask each: If you could describe motherhood in just one word, what would it be? The responses I got were cosmic, expanding, full, and human. All responses not only describe motherhood, but it also described perfectly the show itself, Motherload.

There isn’t any question about it; this is definitely a show that you need to see! I can’t recommend it enough, go with your partner for a date night, or bring your best friends for a girl’s night out or take your mother and bond over the laughter and tears that motherhood brings!

Created and performed by Emelia Symington Fedy, Jody-Kay Marklew, Juno Rinaldi & Sonja Bennett. 
Dramaturgy by Camille Gingras.
Directed & choreographed by Courtenay Dobbie
Produced by Emelia Symington Fedy

Photo credits below. All photos by Emily Cooper
Photo 1: Emeli Symington Fedy, Jody-Kay Marklew, Juno Rinaldi, and Sonja Bennett
Photo 2: Juno Rinaldi

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Show Dates: February 3 – 21, 2015
Feb 3-7,10-14, 17-21: 8PM
Feb 7, 8*, 14*, 15, 21: 2PM
* Babes in Arms performance. Parents: enjoy Babes in Arms matinees on Feb 8 and 14 (bring your children 2 and under).

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