Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kid Size Smart Bed

A smart bed for smart kids, the SleepIQ Kids bed is the only bed in the world that adjusts with children as they grow. Using effortless technology, it combines individualized sleep knowledge and adjustability to empower parents and children to achieve their best possible sleep. There’s nothing to wear or turn on. All kids have to do is sleep.

The bed connects to Sleep Number's sleep "dashboard", which constantly monitors use. While this would include hours slept, it can also alert parents when a kid in out of bed or there's a lot of movement going on. As kids grow, the SleepIQ Kids bed can have its firmness adjusted, while like its predecessors, the bed can arch upwards for big picture books and bedtime stories. Parents can also turn of lights around the bed remotely, with under-bed lights also activating when a kid gets up. The future of beds doesn't come cheap: The SleepIQ Kids Bed will launch this year, with prices starting at $1,000 at Sleep Number's own site and its own stores.

The SleepIQ Kids bed empowers parents and children with a combination of individualized sleep knowledge and adjustability, using effortless technology. There’s nothing to wear or turn on. The SleepIQ technology monitors presence in bed, average breathing, average heart rate and movement, using a full-body algorithm to assess quality of sleep, assigning a SleepIQ score for each night’s sleep.

Parents and kids can monitor routines that affect sleep, such as exercise, caffeine and screen time; learn their child’s individual level of comfort and support of their bed (Sleep Number setting); and make adjustments to give their kids quality sleep, helping them develop healthy sleep routines now and for life.

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