Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Product Review: iögo Moment yogurt

We received a delicious delivery to our home in a nicely presented insulated black shopping bag with iögo logo. In the bag were packages of the new iögo Moment yogurt. The flavours raspberry, apple-caramel, vanilla bean and orange-cranberry fruit sounded delicious. Did you know? Unlike other brands of yogurt, iögo Moment yogurt is made with no gelatin and artificial colours or flavours, like all iögo products!

Made with natural ingredients such as whole milk, real cream and luscious fruit, iögo Moment yogurt has a rich and velvety texture that glides off your spoon. The yogurt comes in two formats: a creamy yogurt loaded with fruit on the bottom starring such delectable combinations along with the classics single favours like strawberry and raspberry.

My family are fans of yogurt. Like many Canadians households we wake up every morning and throw a few spoonfuls in a bowl, with fresh fruit and top with granola. However, the iögo Moment yogurt, with its rich and velvety texture has a dessert like taste and feel, providing a calorie wise alternative for busy moms like myself, who are tempted with sweet treats like cakes, cookies and ice cream. With just 140 calories and the same amount of sugar in 100g of iögo Moment yogurt as in 60g of ice cream, it is a healthier option for me and my family.

Want to try iögo Moment yogurt? Get a $1 coupon for the new iögo Moment yogurt available on www.iogomoment.ca.

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Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by iögo (Ultima Foods Inc). We received a product sample for this review.

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