Monday, December 16, 2013

What’s the Best Part of the Holiday Season

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it’s no wonder we tend to forget the true meaning behind the holiday season. We asked our readers to share what they like and love about this time of year. 

The best part of Christmas is the visit from Nana and Poppa from the East Coast. We head up to Whistler to play in the snow and eat lots of yummy food.  We have a merry good time. Laura,Vancouver
Seeing the looks of joy on our daughter’s face on Christmas day after Santa has visited. Angela, Langley

I love everything about the holiday season, including the shopping “stress." But my absolute favorite moment is the time after all the presents are open on Christmas morning because the house is warm in so many ways.  We will have the fire going, the kids are quietly enjoying all their presents. The dogs get their holiday toy/bone and  my husband and I relax while watching the kids. Our favorite must see a movie during the day “A Christmas Story” and although I have a huge turkey to cook, once it’s in the oven I can sit and relax as the smell envelopes the whole house and makes it cozy. I just love that lull of happiness, quiet, relaxing and chilled out time.
Grace, Surrey
I love the holiday season because it’s the only time of the year my husband gets time off, and we can spend time tons of family time together enjoying the little fun things in life that come with having toddlers. Orene

The best part of the holiday season is to see my family; especially my kids light up. They are so happy and excited over the little things that our family does over the holidays. Rick, Burnaby

My kids get excited about everything to do with Christmas, and its fun seeing the holidays through their eyes. From small things like scoping out lights on houses, to Santa, making crafts for family and friends, my boys are into it all. Lisa, Burnaby

The best part of the holidays is all the traditions. For our family, the big ones leading up to the big day are: putting up the tree, picture with Santa at the mall, and the parade! Lisa, Surrey
The best part of our holiday season is spending time with the family. Eating yummy treats with the kids; going for a train ride at Stanley Park; walking outside -- enjoying the fresh crisp air and the decorated homes. Christina, Port Coquitlam

My favourite part of the holidays is getting together with family and friends! We have a two-year-old  and a two month old, so the holidays are even more magical then they used to be. Nothing beats the excitement in a toddler. Erin

The best part during the holiday season for me is snuggling up by the fire with the tree lit drinking hot chocolate and watching a good holiday movie. This season is so warm that any moment spent with loved ones and having down time is blissful. Tina, Surrey

Our children are so very excited about Santa this year, and Christmas is such a wonderful magical time for them and for myself. I love seeing their excitement through their eyes. We put up our tree and decorated it in November to enjoy the time longer as my son cried last year when we had to be undecorated and take down the Christmas tree. They enjoy writing to Santa; sending him stickers; preparing the cookies they leave for him and the possibility of seeing his reindeer! We have playdates to make and decorate cookies and we go through all their unused toys and donate to needy children.  Everything about Christmas fills my children up with such joy and giving. Sandra, Vancouver

I love Christmas morning and the look on my kids’ faces when they see their presents under the tree….brings us so much joy! And of course Christmas morning pancake breakfast! Michelle, Vancouver

The best part of the holiday season is the smiles and happiness into the lives of others and family. It makes my day to see children smile and get so excited over any small holiday delight -- a cookie,  an art project, a Christmas movie,  a candy cane, sing a carol, an elf on the shelf and so much more. The holidays are a time of get-to gathers, sharing and giving especially a smile of happiness and good cheer. Linda, Burnaby

It is my first Christmas as a family. I am loving starting some new traditions and bringing in some from my husband and mine's childhood. Bailey, Port Coquitlam

The best part of  the holiday season for us is time together as a family. As working parents, school, homework, activities, and careers makes the days go by so quickly. The holiday season, we are all on holidays, no activities. We all just get a chance to take a deep breath and enjoy each other. We spend the holidays doing activities around the city, sleeping in, watching movies at home, and playing games.
Shilpa, Port Moody

The best part of the holiday season is spending the next three weeks discussing with my kids all about why we celebrate Christmas and helping them make presents for the people they love. I love seeing their ideas come to being. Amelia, Vancouver

Feeling of joy you get from giving; the pause from the everyday craziness to spend time and share a meal with those you love; the beauty in the twinkling of the lights and the wonderment on a child’s face,
Elayne, Vancouver

The best part of the holiday season is seeing it through my four and one year old’s eyes. They make me remember how exciting and wonderful this time of year is. I especially love driving through the neighbourhood to look at all the Christmas lights and listening to their reactions and happy laughter.
Judith, Vancouver

The thing I like the most about the Christmas time is that I have a few days off from work to enjoy those days with my baby girl and my wife. Since my daughter was born I hard time spending time with them because of my work hours. Latif, Richmond

The best part of the Christmas season is the traditions we have every year; a cookie exchange with my best girlfriends; potluck dinner and secret Santa with my husband's friends. Good laughs and great times is what it’s all about. Priscilla, Vancouver

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