Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Simple Holiday Crafts

Beaded Icicle Tree Ornament

Wooden beads in Christmas Colours
Buttons in Christmas Colours
Chord or string to thread through beads and buttons

String chord through first bead and slide the bead to the middle of the chord. This will be the end of your icicle.  Hold both ends of chord together and thread through remaining beads and buttons as a single chord.  Follow a pattern or randomly string your icicle.  Tie a knot after the last bead, then make a loop for hanging.

Paper Christmas Tree Mobile

Craft papers in Christmas colours
Yellow cardstock and brown cardstock
Green ribbon
Mini decorating stickers 

Through two layers of paper (wrong sides together), cut tree stump from brown paper, and cut star from yellow paper. 
Again through two layers of paper (wrong sides together), cut ‘tree’ strips that are 1.5” tall.  Start at the base with a strip that is about 8” wide, and gradually taper each set of strips so that they make a triangle tree form when laid out. 

Build your mobile: spread glue to one piece of tree stump, lay the end of the ribbon on the glue, and sandwich other side of tree stump onto ribbon.  Build your tree from the bottom up by leaving a gap of ribbon and glueing each set of strips together with ribbon in between.  At the top, glue the star together and then tie remaining ribbon into a loop to hang.  Decorate your tree with colourful stickers.  Hang from ceiling to watch it gently twist.

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