Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Candy Leftovers

Here are some tips on what to do with all of those Halloween candy leftovers. Even if you let your kids eat as much candy as they want, there is likely to be candy leftover that doesn’t get eaten – and while I realize you could just throw it away, there might be some uses for it that you haven’t thought of!

Here are 9 Things to Do with Halloween Candy Leftovers:
1) Make Cookies: There is no rule that says you can only use chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies.  Break up some of those fun-size candy bars and stir them into your cookie dough for an interesting treat. You can also work them into sugar and butter cookies.

2) Jazz Up Ice Cream: Grab some plain ice cream and add some broken up candy bars to it.  You can make peanut butter cup ice cream or add some solid chocolate to mint ice cream for a little extra chocolate.  You can also sprinkle candy onto milkshakes.

3) Better Your Celery: For a slightly healthier option, clean and slice some celery into snack-sized pieces.  Put some cream cheese on your celery and then take some leftover peanut butter candies and put them onto the celery too.

4) Trail Mix: Take some mixed nuts and raisins and add some candy to it.  You can add M&Ms, gummy candies and bite-sized licorice to the mix for some added sweetness.  Mix it in a big bowl and enjoy it during a family movie night.

5) Sweet Popcorn: If you have a lot of plain chocolate left over, you can make some popcorn and sweeten it up.  Make your popcorn and then mix in the chocolate.  Allow the chocolate to melt and you will have a treat that is both sweet and salty.

6) Make a Mocha: Grab a fun-sized chocolate bar and drop it into a steaming hot cup of coffee.  This is a quick and easy way to make a mocha.  The chocolate will melt within minutes and you can add a little whipped cream for an at-home cafe treat.

8) Learning Tool: If your kids are learning how to count, candy can be a great tool.  Have them count how many pieces are there and then they get to keep the candy as a reward if they get it right.  You can also use it to reward them for getting their homework done.

9) Holiday Decor: If you want to make a gingerbread house for the holidays, that leftover candy can help you decorate the house.  You can use M&Ms and gummy candies in place of gum drops.  You can also melt down some chocolate to help things stick to the gingerbread.

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